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How to realize the intensive development of domestic CNC cutting machine tool enterprises

来源: 发布日期:2011-5-6 15:40:42

Although my country's CNC cutting machine tools have a slow start, supported by the needs of downstream machining and other related industries, the industry as a whole has developed rapidly and its scale is also growing.However, as far as the current situation is concerned, although many companies have improved their strengths, they are still in an extensive business model.Due to excessive competition and serious product homogeneity, profit margins are narrow and the development of many companies is also restricted.  

In the poor market environment of low-price competition, many domestic manufacturers and brands are not prominent, lack of technological innovation, rely heavily on foreign advanced technology, and lack core competitiveness.At the same time, the rise in labor costs and the rise in raw materials have greatly increased the cost pressures of many companies.It can be foreseen from the above phenomenon that the intensive development model is bound to be the future development direction of many CNC cutting machine tool companies.  

The transition from extensive operation to intensive operation means changing the low-tech, low-management, and low-economic efficiency approach to a high-tech, high-capital, high-management, high-quality, and high-efficiency operating method.  

XNUMX. The CNC cutting machine tool industry needs to "practice internal strength"  

To take the intensive development route, the first thing that needs to be done is to change the concept, establish the concept of long-term development and formulate feasible goals and plans.  

At the same time, CNC cutting machine tool companies need to step out of price competition and turn to cultivating internal strength." Focus on the optimization of product structure, the improvement of product quality, the mastery and innovation of core technologies, and the expansion of corporate brand influence. Of course, this series of changes Companies need to make more capital investment. In this regard, CNC cutting machine tool companies also need to make a scientific estimate of the future input-output ratio according to their own conditions, so as to selectively invest and make a gradual transition.  

XNUMX. Diversified channels to improve operating efficiency  

The ultimate goal of intensive operation is to improve efficiency. Taking the intensive development route, we must work towards the business goal of "low input and high output". This requires CNC cutting machine tool companies to change from multiple aspects.  

On the one hand, companies need to continuously improve their management level, improve overall management efficiency, rationally optimize departmental structure, avoid waste of human resources and time, and optimize the internal competition mechanism of the company to improve the professional quality of employees.  

On the other hand, CNC cutting machine tool companies may wish to try high-tech operations, vigorously develop computer network engineering, and improve operating efficiency through the improvement of office tools.  

Third, the centralized development of CNC cutting machine tool enterprises  

Strengthen close ties with upstream and downstream enterprises in the supply chain, and form a highly competitive and concentrated CNC cutting machine business circle. For some CNC cutting machine merchants and enterprises, it is of great significance to enhance their competitiveness and expand market share. .