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Analyze the structure of traditional reducer

来源: 发布日期:2011-5-6 17:45:43

Most of the gearboxes are made of medium-strength cast iron, and heavy-duty gearboxes are made of high-strength cast iron or cast steel.Welded cabinets can also be used for mass consumption.Casting or welding boxes should be treated with aging or annealing.When a small number of small reducers are consumed, they probably use sheet metal stamping boxes.The shape of the gearbox body now tends to be simple and flat.The box body should have sufficient rigidity to avoid excessive deformation after loading and affecting the transmission quality.The box body is usually composed of two parts, a box seat and a box cover, and its split surface passes through the axis of the transmission.In order to remove the cover easily, a threaded hole is tapped on a flange at the split surface so that the cover can be lifted up when the screw is screwed in.The bolts connecting the box seat and the box cover should be deployed reasonably and pay attention to leaving a wrench space.The bolts around the bearing should be slightly larger and only close to the bearing.In order to ensure the correctness of the position of the box seat and the box cover, there should be 2-3 conical positioning pins on the flange of the split surface.The box cover is provided with a viewing hole for inspecting the gearing environment, a vent hole for squeezing the hot atmosphere in the box, and a lifting hook for extracting the box cover.On the box seat, there is a lifting hook for extracting the entire reducer and an oil level indicator or oil measuring hole for inspecting or measuring the oil level.The wall thickness, rib thickness, flange thickness, bolt size, etc. of the box can be calculated based on the resume formula.The sight holes, vents and vents, lifting hooks, oil level indicators, etc. can be found in the relevant planning manuals and atlases.Rotating bearings are used throughout the reducer.As long as the load is heavy, the working condition is heavy and the speed reducer is very high, the sliding bearing can be used.  

1. The actual knowledge of the reducer is getting better and closer to reality (such as gear strength calculation essentials, modification skills, deformation calculation, optimization planning essentials, tooth root slick transition, new layout, etc.).  

2. Adopt good materials and widely adopt various high-quality alloy steel forgings, and the quality control of materials and heat treatment has improved.  

3. The reducer layout plan is more fair.  

4. The machining accuracy is improved to ISO5-6 level.  

5. Improved bearing quality and life.  

6. The quality of the lubricating oil of the reducer is improved.