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Briefly analyze the method of identifying the material of stainless steel chain plate

来源: 发布日期:2019-6-10 9:13:35

  1. Use the magnetism of stainless steel chain plates: This is the simplest method. I believe everyone knows that stainless steel is non-magnetic steel.

  After processing, it will have mild magnetism, and both ordinary steel and alloy steel are strong magnetic rigidity.So by experimenting with magnets, you will know the type of stainless steel.

  2. Nitric acid: It stands to reason that stainless steel chain plates are resistant to concentrated nitric acid and dilute nitric acid.In this way, we can easily distinguish from a large number of metal alloys.

Stainless steel chain plate

  However, there is one point. High-carbon 420 and 440 steels are slightly corroded during the nitric acid point test. If they are non-ferrous metals, they will be corroded immediately when they encounter concentrated nitric acid. Dilute nitric acid is strongly corrosive to carbon steel.

  3. Copper sulfate: Use a copper sulfate solution with a concentration of between five and ten percent to remove grease and impurities on the stainless steel.

  The stainless steel chain plate uses a drop bottle to drip copper sulfate solution into the cleaned area.With this method, it is also easy to identify the varieties of stainless steel.