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The key to maintenance of planetary reducer

来源: 发布日期:2011-5-6 15:40:42

In the more than XNUMX years of engineering work, I found that most of the customers have done a good job in the maintenance and maintenance of the planetary reducer, but there are also a considerable number of customers who do not pay attention to the maintenance of the planetary reducer in the routine maintenance of the planetary reducer. Maintenance should be done in our usual machine work, as long as we can regularly or uninterruptedly go to the planetary reducer workplace to check, see, and feel it.  

Listen to whether the transmission sound of the planetary reducer is the same as usual, and whether there is any abnormal noise.If there is an abnormal sound, we need to do further inspection; if the machine can be stopped, open the sight hole cover to check whether the lubrication and tooth surface contact is normal. If there is no obvious problem, then we will look at the deceleration Whether the coupling of the gearbox is normal and whether the anchor bolts are loosened or not, there is no obvious problem. Then we can feel the planetary reducer housing and bearing holes, and whether the temperature rise of the end cover is obviously hotter than before. As long as we do such a simple inspection work, it is impossible for our reducer to strike at once.  

If the abnormality is found during the inspection, but the cause is not found, we must get in touch with the manufacturer in time and ask them to help analyze and deal with the problem.