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Imported raw materials

Large factory raw materials

Using large-scale raw materials, and each batch of products has been tested by three parties, the quality is guaranteed.

Process and equipment

Process and equipment

Imported CNC production equipment to ensure the consistency of batch products

Pass the leak test

The product has passed the factory inspection

Before leaving the factory, it goes through special testing equipment to ensure the quality of each product.

Scientific detailed design

Experienced mechanics

The front-line employees have rich production experience, which greatly reduces the loss rate.

Easy and convenient operation

Wide range of applications

The company's products have complete models and a wide range of applications.

Worry-free after-sales

Worry-free after-sales

After-sales office system, after-sales service in various forms.


Strictly abide by the rules, perform their duties with enthusiasm, and continue to improve

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  XINLAN Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of planetary gear reducers. It is a manufacturer of high-precision reducers. The supporting range of XINLAN products now covers pipe bending machinery, machine tools, cutting machinery, woodworking machinery, glass, and chemical fiber. , Textiles, packaging, robotics, and other automation fields have been well received.

  XINLAN has always been adhering to regard quality as the soul of the enterprise. We use nearly harsh measuring tools to inspect and control the production process. "Workers must first sharpen their tools if they want to do their jobs well." We have successively introduced a batch of fully automatic gear hobbing machines, gear grinding machines, gear shaping machines and related processing and turning centers capable of high-precision processing requirements.In recent years, equipment manufacturing in the mainland has been gradually upgraded, especially with the continuous deepening of intelligent manufacturing, XINLAN has also been able to... see more


Product Knowledge Questions and Answers

The concept of planetary reducer
The concept of planetary reducer
One: The number of stages The number of stages: the number of sets of planetary gears. From...
Analyze the structure of traditional reducer
Most of the reducer boxes are made of medium-strength cast iron, and heavy-duty reducers are used...
Installation method and steps of precision reducer
Among the reducer products, the planetary reducer is...
The key to maintenance of planetary reducer
In the more than XNUMX years of engineering work, I found that most of the customers are concerned about the planetary reducer...
Causes of broken shafts in planetary decelerators

Causes of broken shafts in planetary decelerators

Why does the planetary deceleration opportunity appear broken axis imagination?The greatest possibility of broken shaft first appears...

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The company has signed up to participate in the 2020 Western China Manufacturing Expo XINLAN Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has signed up to participate in the 2020 West China (Xi'an) International Equipment Manufacturing Expo, the exhibition...
Briefly analyze the difference between planetary reducer and ordinary products   The difference between planetary reducer and ordinary reducer is as follows: 1. The main structure of planetary reducer is planetary gear, which uses planetary gear...
Briefly analyze the key points of planetary gear reducer selection   Planetary gear reducer is the most important type of reducer matching servo motor, when choosing planetary gear reducer.head...
Briefly analyze the method of identifying the material of stainless steel chain plate   1. Use the magnetism of stainless steel chain plates: This is the simplest method. I believe everyone knows that stainless steel is non-magnetic steel. ...
How to realize the intensive development of domestic CNC cutting machine tool enterprises

How to realize the intensive development of domestic CNC cutting machine tool enterprises

Although my country's CNC cutting machine tools start slowly, but are affected by downstream machining and other related industries...

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Analysis on the solutions to the failure of planetary gear reducer  Planetary gear reducer is also called planetary reducer, servo reducer.In the reducer family, planetary reducer due to its small size,...
Analysis on the importance of planetary reducer to laser cutting machine Laser is a kind of light, like its electroluminescence in nature, it is caused by the transition of atoms (molecules or ions), and it is spontaneous...
How to choose the right precision planetary reducer   1. Speed ​​ratio: The reduction ratio of the precision planetary reducer is roughly the number obtained by dividing the rated speed of the motor by the final output speed.example...
Briefly explain the characteristics and applications of the right-angle planetary reducer products   High cost performance, high precision, high torque, more stable transmission, greater speed, high efficiency, long life, low noise, short body,...